We Pay *You*

If you know a business that you think would benefit from our services, why not refer them and earn yourself some cold hard cash?

We pay a flat 10% finder’s fee (non- recurring) based on the customer’s first invoice.

It’s simple: you refer a business, we put cash in your hand! 🙂

Here’s what you should do next:

  1. Contact one or more businesses
  2. Have them sign up with Mid Hudson SEO
  3. Earn a generous 1/3 commission on converting* referrals.
  4. You could pay your SEO bill by just referring a few folks each month.
  5. Or even just make a little extra money by referring to us, plus you’ll be supporting local business along the way!

Outstanding sales leaders will be given bonuses for every ten sales- these are different each time, but think iPad level of bonus.

We thank you very much for stopping by our page!

Thanks very much for reading and have a wonderful rest of the day!




Jim McClinsey, Lead Consultant

Mid Hudson SEO


(845) 204- 3797


*Converting is defined as those who have signed up and paid their first invoice.  Commission is based on this first invoice and is non- recurring.