Video Marketing

A well made video that concentrates on your business and what your business provides is an excellent way to capture interest and to generate more inquiries and ultimately more business.

Posting these videos on the world’s second largest search engine (Youtube) will drive more people to your website and even help you increase in Google’s search index.

Here’s one we made for Mid Hudson SEO as an example- this could just as easily be for a restaurant, muffler shop, dental or legal office or any other type of business.

Folks love to watch videos- it’s a great way to get a feel for a company you have been considering doing business with.

This example is from a website I run that helps people learn my craft (Search Engine Optimization):


This example is for a robotics specialty shop:


There are 24 hours worth of video uploaded to the web every minute.  A well made video can drive traffic and sales and help to lend a more professional air to what you offer.

Have you put up videos for your company?

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