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mascot-1I just wanted to say that I had a consult from Jim and I was super happy with what I got. Jim went through my site from top to bottom, Starting with my keyword selection process, ways to optimize my wordpress site and ending with the best ways for me to rank higher (ie backlinks etc).

When I started, Jim showed me that I was ranking at 108 on Scroogle. By implementing the changes he told me to do, and no backlink building, as of yesterday I was sitting @16 for my keyword.

Good results so far. Thanks Jim!



mascot-1Hi Jim

I just receive the report of the links you placed for me. im must say AWESOME, is great to get the power of article backlinks, my site definitely received more love, I’m currently dancing on page 1. when the dust settles, I’m sure i will be more close to #1, will definitely bring you more business.




mascot-1This has got to be one of the easiest and fastest ways to seriously increase your rankings practicably overnight!

Jim could even advertise this has “The Guaranteed Way to Skyrocket your Rankings Overnight” and he would still blow your mind with the results.

Disclaimer: I haven’t yet used Jim’s service personally but I use the very same tactic he’s doing right here, to cause huge ranking increases virtually overnight.

That being said… It’s Razor Approved.

– Razor


mascot-2Hey Guys,

Jim and I often work together doing launch jacking sites if you don’t already know that. Let me tell you how amazing the service he’s running really is.

He took 2 articles, spun ‘em and did his thing over the course of a week. Before he was even finished we owned the first 4 pages of freaking Google for a launch jack! It was awesome seeing some many AMR articles ranked page after page after page. You get the picture. :D

So if you ever need quick, easy and effective as hell links for a launch jacking site you definitely want to use Jim’s service. You’ll kick some major ass in the SERPs. I’ve seem it first hand so I know it works. 8-)




mascot-1Just wanted to chime in –

I sent my article, titles, etc in to Jim late yesterday afternoon. To be honest I wasn’t sure it was all in the format he needed, but figured he’d let me know.

This morning, when I opened my email . . . his report was waiting.

This document is a list of the links which have been approved already. Your article was submitted to over a thousand different article directories and many are yet to be approved. Google will find these naturally, but rest assured these have also been pinged in order to rush the process along.
I’ve also created an RSS feed of your article backlinks and submitted them to roughly 1000 RSS aggregators to give your links an extra boost.
If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to xxx@xxxxxx and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

All I can say is, “WOW . . . that was fast. The report contains about 250 URLs that have already been approved. . . the one’s I’ve checked out look great.

I’ll give it some time to see what effect it all has, but so far I’m planning on ordering more in the near future.

Great Work Jim . . . thanks!




mascot-1Just ordered an article package from Jim, and the work was done when I woke up this morning. Always a nice surprise :D Most people offering the same service take A LOT longer than that.

Of course, there’s still a ton of articles pending approval, but the majority of the articles that were approved overnight have ALREADY been indexed, giving me immediate link juice. I like that.

I am going after a competitive and valuable keyword (10,000,000 competing websites, strong Page 1 competition) and these are basically the first links I’ve built to the site. (Tabish still working on profile links.)

I just checked my site in the SERPs, I’m already in the top 400. Considering I’m not even using the keyword in the domain and the articles have only just been published, I’m more than impressed. In many cases it can take me a lot longer (and requires a lot more links) just to break into the top 500 for competitive keywords.

I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on where these links eventually take my site, but so far, I am very happy with the {super fast, super cool} results, and of course Jim’s friendly and reliable service. Awesome job! :D




mascot-1I ordered a package from Jim at 12:00

He sent me the completed order at 6:20

That’s pretty fast? lol

Thanks dude :D

I didn’t get home until like 5 AM, and when I did a quick search, the site I’m working on moved up 2 positions (It had been stuck at position 7 for a while now.)

Checking it today, it dropped back down – but of course that’s natural. There’s no doubt the quick jump was because of his work.

Also, Jim said that because the articles weren’t submitted to as many as he would like, he’s going to run it again to try get more out there. That’s some pretty cool support.

I would literally pay twice the price for this, easily. I feel like I don’t need any article software anymore (I don’t like messing with the software either), just outsource it to Jim who is pretty awesome.

Big HONK, Jim :D



mascot-1I just got my second set done with Jim. I sent an email to him last night, woke up this morning, went to the beach, got home, and it was done… On a Sunday?

You need to take a break 8-)

Thanks man!

And in reference to your reply… Yeah, you definitely answered the question. Thanks for that. Just to confirm: you’re saying there is a ceiling that can be hit, but we’re far from it, and I suppose you’ll let me know (if I keep getting your service for one site repeatedly) when I should hold off on it.

For the extra stubborn sites I definitely have two or three people doing different kinds of links, so I think – as you said – that will help to boost them.

(I just checked now… nice dude… the site you linked to went from #4 to #2, thank you :) While it may have been because of some other linking I had done last week, the fact that it popped up today right after your links, I’m guessing its yours.)

Microsoft moved in on some irrelevant term (for everybody else reading, mine is about faxing.)

I’m making pretty good money off of this one, but it’s on CJ so it went under the radar (no green or purple bars standing out.) At #4 to be making a hundred or so a month definitely rings the bell to send it to #1.




mascot-1Hey, Saw your email :)

It’s amazing how fast the results are. One of the sites you did has been hanging around #2-#3 for a long time, and it was temporarily #1 yesterday.

Like you’ve said before, I presume I’ll see the “real” effect within a week which will hopefully stick it up at #1. If not, I know that it’s extremely close right now.

Thanks for the awesomely quick service 8-)

If anybody is on the fence about Jim’s links… Do it. Even the least expensive package packs a lot of punch.

Thanks man. Can’t be said enough. It’s rare in business period – but particularly this business – that you find somebody who is interested in your results. Jim personally told me that he’d “fix” my backlinking when it seemed like one of the sites got de-indexed. Of course it was just the Google dance, but he didn’t even play that card. He just said he’d fix it if something was wrong.

I’m sure I’ll be using your services as long as you have them available!




Thanks for the excellent work!
Very quick, very professional.
I manually checked some of the links and the spin you did was top quality!



mascot-1Hey everyone:

Just wanted to post a quick update on the results I’m getting from Jim’s service.

Just got on Page 1 today for my main keyword on Google.com.

I’m not using the keyword in the domain. The website is only 25 days old.

There are 12,000,000 competing websites (general) and 2,000,000 exact match competitors.

Most of the Page 1 competitors have thousands of backlinks.

And this is a “buying” keyword.

To get these kind of results this quickly for such a competitive keyword … well, I’m more than impressed with Jim, to say the least.

Next stop … #1!

Thanks dude … you rock!



mascot-2Hey Jim!

You did great stuff man!

So many great reviews, you guys hardly need one from us!

Jim handled an order from us VERY FAST and did a great job! We’re bouncing between 1st, 2nd and 3rd on any given day and that’s just beautiful! He also provided a great PDF report of the live links resulting from his work.

Jim works very hard at making sure you are satisfied with his work, and is sincerely concerned if you have any questions or need further clarification.

You can’t go wrong with this service.”



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