Search Engine Optimized Packages

I offer a number of packages, which may be tailored to fit the needs of different businesses.

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Here are a few of the main options available through Mid Hudson SEO:

Search Engine Optimized Website

This is a website built on the most robust search engine optimized platform available with my own custom mix of software and services that have proven effective time and again.  A custom domain is provided free of charge for first time customers, or you may use your own domain.

Chances are, if you do have a website, it will need to be started over from scratch for maximum effectiveness.  This is because I use a proprietary mix of techniques to build a site that search engines love.

You can get a website like this for a one time fee as little as $299

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Other options include yearly leasing of the site, negotiable on a client by client basis.

Content creation is a separate charge and negotiated individually based on the amount of time needed to complete the job.

Hosting for the site is done exclusively through my own servers to ensure top notch performance- hosting is $75 per year.

Search Engine Optimized Website Plus Offpage Ranking Package

Your website will need more than just proper setup to rank within the search engines, like Google.  In order to meet the requirements of several times daily search engine algorithms, a number of techniques will be applied to make sure your business shows up long term.  This is a labor intensive process and incurs a monthly charge, on a sliding scale according to how much competition you have.

A good way of looking at the difference between packages is to think of the first package as doing something TO your website, with the second package something that is done FOR your website.

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If you’d like clarification on any of this, please feel free to leave me a comment- better yet, contact me via email at or phone at 845- 204- 3797 and schedule a free estimate for your business.