Reputation Management

It’s no secret that potential employers or customers will Google your name in order to find out more about you, your product or service.

What comes up when someone Googles your name?

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If you’ve ever seen a bad review of a business from an irate customer and cringed because you’ve had a similar experience, you’re not alone.mhseo-repman

The anonymity that the internet provides can encourage people to be more harsh than they might normally be.

Reputation Management is essentially the practice of getting the negative results you don’t want off the front page of search results.

Examples of something you wouldn’t want people to find when they search include legal troubles such as lawsuits or arrests, poor reviews on websites and just about anything you don’t want people to see when they search for your name or company.

mid hudson seo reputation managementThe process begins with an analysis of your situation, then we go to work while you put your mind at ease!  We also monitor your name or company name and alert you immediately when something new comes up (good or bad) so you can decide if it’s something you want people to see.

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