Now Available For Lease At Mid Hudson SEO

Here is a list of the websites we currently have for lease- leases are by the month or you can save by paying for 1 year for the price of 10 months.

So what are these sites all about?  Well, they’re all based around phrases entered into search engines for a given profession and area (the current available batch is based around businesses in Middletown NY).  We create the site, rank it in the search engines and then make it available for lease.

Each of these sites either ranks highly (page 1, top of page) or will be ranking soon.  All are indexed, some rank very highly and others are waiting to be leased and will then be ranked.

Don’t see your profession/ area on this page?  Use our Contact Form to submit yours today!—->

Auto Body Repair Middletown NY

Auto Glass Repair in Middletown NY

Auto Repair Shops Middletown NY

Locksmith in Middletown NY

Locksmith Middletown NY

Locksmith Near Middletown NY

Best Dentist Middletown NY

Best Spa Middletown NY

Best Restaurant Middletown NY

Lawyers In Middletown NY

Doctors In Middletown NY -ON HOLD

Chiropractor in Middletown NY -ON HOLD

Florist in Middletown NY

Apartments For Rent in Middletown NY

Realtors in Middletown NY


Prices are negotiated based on time put into the site, inquire using our Contact Form for specifics——->