Live Q and A on What Digital Marketing Can Do For Your Business (Free To Hudson Valley Businesses)

Below is the original text from the Q+A session held on May 17 of 2012:

We’ll be hosting a live question and answer session next week (May 17) in order to answer any questions you may have regarding business websites, search engine optimization and related topics. EDIT: I’ve got some questions that have come in- I’ll start listing them on the bottom of this page, feel free to add more via the Contact Form.

EDIT:  the replay of the seminar is shown below!



Original page content follows:

What Do I Need To Do To Join?

It’s easy- just go to Skype and download the free instant messaging software, then install it on your computer

Once the software is up and running add us to your contact (we are midhudsonseo)

Then all you have to do is log in and join the conversation on the 17th at 5PM

It’s helpful to jot down a few questions and submit them via our Contact Form so we can get right down to answering them

What Will Be Covered?

We will cover all your basic and not so basic questions relating to how a website can help you generate more business

What If I Can’t Make It?

No problem- I’ll be recording this session, so if you have a question just submit it via the Contact Form and you’ll be able to watch the session later on our Youtube channel!

We hope to see you on the Q+A next week!


Here are a few of the questions I’ll address during the seminar:

  • I am in the auto repair business- do I even really need a website?
  • Can you help me with online advertising?
  • Is a website expensive?  Is there a price range?
  • Can you please tell me what search engine optimization is?
  • Will you meet me at my business to figure out what works for my company?
  • What do I get with the free consultation?
  • Can you help me with online advertising?

I’ll post more as they come in!