Why Do Businesses Need A Website?

Occasionally, I’ll encounter a business owner who insists that they don’t need a website at all for their business.

While the person who owns the business knows the most about their particular situation, it’s a bit naive to think that a website is not needed.

Here are 8 reasons every business should have a modern, optimized website:


  1. People search online not only for web based businesses, but also for local businesses and services- in fact, 80% of all web searches are related to finding local businesses
  2. Your website is your virtual business card
  3. Your website is working for you even when you’re sleeping- it’s a portal for 24 hour access to the information your customers want
  4. Professionalism: business owners with a good website earn credibility with their customers automatically
  5. Competition: your competitors have website and are already enjoying the benefits
  6. Efficiency: when someone searches and finds your website, many of the questions your customers have about your business are answered on your website
  7. Customer Interaction: it’s simple to poll your website visitors to find out what they like the most and the least, which allows you to do more profitable business
  8. Testimonials: satisfied customers will leave positive feedback about your business, encouraging others to seek you out as well.

Being visible online is crucial- but how do people find you?  That’s where search engine optimized websites come in.


Just look at all the results that we’re returned when searching for dentists in Goshen, NY. 





Out of close to 4 million results, the folks who show up on the first page are the ones who get your business.  Will this be you or your competition?

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